Food and Nutrition is extremely important to us as a whole team. Our on site cook is extensively experienced and has worked in Surrey Schools for over 15 years, gaining lots of knowledge about nutrition and good food for the children, especially those in the early years. As all our food is cooked fresh on a daily basis we are able to accommodate for any dietary or food allergy needs children might have. We are able to ensure the children are provided with nutritional food that will be beneficial to their ongoing growth and development. We order food in weekly to ensure we are capturing the freshest produce available to us.

We are a nut free zone ensuring children do not come into contact with a food product they might not have tried at home with parents.

We have 3 meal times a day and 2 snacks.

Our Breakfast consists of Cereal and Toast that the children serve themselves.

Our Lunch is a home cooked meal and ranges from Roast Dinner, Fish Friday, Mild Chicken Curry, Cottage Pie and all the other home comfort foods your children will love.

Our Tea is a lighter meal and normally Jacket Potato and Beans, Cous Cous Salad, Ham or Cheese Sandwiches.

Our Snack time which is in the morning and afternoon are always a healthy choice of fruit, vegetables, rice cakes, breadsticks and dried fruit.

The benefit of having an on site cook who has worked in schools during the healthy food campaign is that she can provide our children with the right amount of each food group area during each meal, ensuring they have the right types of food and nutrition in their day for their age.

We normally find that children who can be a little fussy at home really enjoy the food our cook makes, for two main reasons: the food smells amazing whilst being cooked and the children are eating in a social environment and see other children eat the food which gives them the confidence to give it a try.

Children’s health and well being is paramount to us and ensuring the children are being offered good, healthy, home- made food gives us peace of mind that the children are eating the best they can to give them a good start in life as a pre-schooler and when they venture onto Reception Class at school.

Because all our food is cooked fresh on a daily basis if there is anything your child cannot eat OR you would prefer them to avoid we can accommodate this for you.


We are very lucky at Walton Montessori to have a very large outdoor area, comprising of a large front area that is astro turf with a covered stage area and a den tipee for the children to hide in. We have 2 sheds full of resources for the children to explore whilst they use their time outside.

For the warmer months we also have an outdoor sandpit, that the children can climb in and experience the feeling of sand between their toes.

In the back of our garden we are very proud of our Forest School area and what this can offer the children. 2 of our full time practitioners are Qualified Forest School leaders and will explore the natural environment of the mud and bark daily. The children can use basecamp and learn all about their natural environment around them whilst exploring the Forest School area.

We also offer extra curricular sessions of:

  • Mini NEAT Fitness on a Monday Morning – Which is an exercise class to help the children with body mechanics and learn how to use their body and space around them correctly.
  • Playball on a Wednesday Afternoon – Which is a class where the children can learn all different ball skills to help develop their gross motor ability further.