At Walton Montessori, a settled child is a foundation for the child having a happy and prosperous time at pre-school. With this in mind, we will support you and your child through the settling in period and work together. We request that your child has a minimum of 2 settlings in sessions at 1 hour each. This is so that you and your child can get accustom to the setting and feel comfortable in the surroundings before you drop your child off for their first sessions.

The first 1 hour will be for you to meet with your child’s key person and discuss all things pre-school and give the low down about your child. Any achievements you want to discuss or concerns you may have, but also a time for you to let the staff know your expectations and what you hope for your child whilst attending Walton Montessori. The second hour we will hope that you will leave your child for some of this time to see how they get on without you.

If any additional settling sessions are needed then this can be arranged and discussed at registration or on your first settling in session. We aim to offer settling in sessions as close to your child’s start date as possible to ensure it becomes routine for them and you.