When starting at Walton Montessori your child will be assigned a Key person, this person will be responsible for ensuring you and your child settle into the nursery with a happy positive thought and ready to grow and learn with us.

For the first few weeks, normally up to 4 but sometimes as little as 1 your child’s key person will shadow your child to ensure they understand all the rules and boundaries in our environment but also so there is a person they can feel confident to go to should anything be upsetting them.

This person is also a good contact for parents in the first few weeks so they can give feedback on how their day has been and how they are settling in and beginning to progress in the environment.

Your key person is also in charge of your child’s development and will work individually with your child each week to gain an understanding of where they are, what they are interested in and what should be planned for them the following week.

This allows your key person to fully understand your child and know how best to support them in their current learning and development and how to move them on to the next part of their learning.

Working individually with the child and gaining an awareness of them also allows the key person to see if there is a concern in any area so we can put support strategies in place to help your child progress through the areas they might be struggling with.

Each child will be given a key person and this person will know your child the best out of all the other practitioners. However, we always get the children to get to know all the other members of staff in the room and to gain confidence with everyone.

This ensures that if your key person is on holiday or unable to work then your child has other adults they can communicate with and feel comfortable with to ensure their day goes smoothly, the other practitioners will also know how to support your child to ensure their learning always continues, with no exceptions.