Our registration process is a simple form filling exercise and as long as you know the sessions and times you would like to attend or are flexible with our current availability we can have an answer for you in terms of start date in a matter of days.

On your pre-school viewing, you will be given a registration pack which includes:

  • Registration Form
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Handbook
  • Fee list

After your viewing and once you have made a decision as to if you would like to register with Walton Montessori the next step is to complete the registration form and bring this back into the setting with your £50 non-refundable registration fee. We will add your details to our system and the registration process will start.

Depending on when you require your start date to be there will be 3 options for the next step:

  1. If you are starting as soon as possible and the days required are available, when you bring your registration form setting we will book your first 2 – 4 settling in sessions. Any additional needed settling in sessions can be discussed with your key person on initial sessions. Your £400 deposit will need to be paid before your first settling in session.
  2. If you are starting in a couple of months and we can see space will be available for you then you will receive a letter confirming your start date and when you need to pay your £400 deposit and book your initial settling in sessions.
  3. If you are registering in advance (Which is always a good idea if possible) you will receive a letter, informing you that you have been placed on our waiting list and will be contacted again 8 weeks before your requested start date to discuss available sessions and options. Your £400 deposit must be paid 4 weeks before your child’s settling in visits, this confirms you still require the sessions offered to you.

Your £400 deposit MUST be paid for all spaces including Government funding sessions and FEET sessions. This will be refunded to you after your child leaves, as long as your account balance is clear. If you have an amount outstanding on your balance after your leave date all or part of your deposit will be used to pay off the debt outstanding.