At Walton Montessori we are extremely lucky to have a high number of practitioners who are qualified with a Level 3 qualification in childcare or above. We also encourage all members of staff if not qualified to complete a childcare qualification, this helps us as a setting to provide quality childcare to all the children that attend our pre-school.

In order to ensure the children are accessing the best possible care and education that we can offer we listen to the children and follow their interests.By doing this we allow each child to be individual and learn at their own rate, but also shows respect to the child that we can plan activities around the child’s interests and change our planning depending on what the child might be interested in. Following the Montessori philosophy allows us to individually observe the child and capture their interests on a weekly basis, but also by showing the child each resource and presenting to them what is expected, the children know our expectations and feel confident to try what we ask of them. We look at all the children learning as a process and not an end product. All children learn differently and at different rates, so having the rooms of mixed ages with vertical grouping of 3 months-2 years in a spacious, separated  room and 2 -5 years in the same room. This allows us to support the children in their own learning process.

We maintain the government ratios in the mixed age room at all times where children who are aged 3 months-  2 years are cared for  in this room with a staff ratio of 1:3.(1 adult to every 3 children ), 2 years – 3 years are cared for on a 1:4 ratio (1 adult to every 4 children) and once your child turns 3 years until they leave to go to school they will be cared for with a staff ratio on a 1:8 ratio (1 adult to every 8 children). Following these ratios is a statutory requirement and cannot be changed through operational decisions.