Children reading with staff member at the Walton Montessori


Walton Montessori Nursery is a place…

… where children are valued for their sense of wonder, their genuine curiosity to explore and their natural desire to learn.

We treat each and every child and family as an individual, knowing all about them, what they like, dislike and anything in between is extremely important to us as a whole.

At Walton Montessori we believe that children need to have a safe, nurturing environment where children can develop their awe and wonder of the world. We aim to provide a stimulating, child centred place of learning that promotes an independent, confident and happy child with a passion for learning.

Every time you and your child walk through our door you will feel welcome and invited and will get the feeling nothing is too much for us as a team.

Walton Montessori prides itself in providing calm, caring and stimulating environments in both our classrooms. Allowing the children to feel safe and secure but also giving them a space to learn and develop whilst away from home.